About the Company

Nathan Katz Founder

Nathan Katz - Founder

Business owner, entrepreneur, and general fix-it guy founded Kaktus Productions in 1997.

I had no idea at that time, that all these years later I would still be facing the challenges of Internet advertising.

In 1997 my wife Toby and I were winding down our real estate business and I was looking for something "easy" to do. The Internet was in its infancy and the thought of becoming involved with this new phenomenon was to say the least, very exciting. My idea was to sell "Real Estate Forms" over the internet.

It had always seemed to me that one should be able to access useful forms without having a lawyer involved. After all, most of the attorneys I encountered would not make a form up from scratch. They had a source to obtain a basic form and then they just modified it to suit their needed application. So, why not elaborate on that and make forms available to everyone at a very reasonable price. Thus, my flagship web site KAKTUS.COM was created.

As I look back now, I realize that a big mistake was made by not purchasing a domain name like "realestateforms.com." Well, I had a lot to learn about this new language of "html," "perl," "php," etc.. I can still remember how excited I was when I actually placed text and images in some sort of coherent manner on a new web page.

Here I am all of these years later and still at it full time.

There is a large portfolio of domain names listed on this website. All are registered to Kaktus Productions.

If you become interested in any of the domain names listed contact me by email. Email is my preferred form of communication. Since my 80th year I developed a hearing problem and therefore try to avoid the telephone when ever possible. You probably have seen that commercial on TV for hearing aids, where the father responds with "WHAT – WHAT", well that is what I do on the phone now.