Nathan Katz Founder

Nathan Katz - Founder

Business owner, entrepreneur, and general fix-it guy founded Kaktus Productions in 1997. All businesses, domain names, and there websites are owned by me. is part of the large portfolio of domain names registered to Kaktus Productions. I originally registered in 2006.

The idea behind was to show the products was involved with. Early on I had thoughts of creating an income producing website. However, time has caught up with me and I am too old now for the creation process necessary to build a website and monetize it.

Email is my preferred form of communication. Since my 80th year I developed a hearing problem and therefore try to avoid the telephone when ever possible. You probably have seen that commercial on TV for hearing aids, where the father responds with "WHAT – WHAT", well that is "what" I do most of the time on the phone now.